Upcoming Update of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA: Update 1.5 of PUBG Mobile (Global)

Krafton has officially launched the PUBG as Battleground Mobile India for android users in India on 2 July 2021. After the launch of BGMI, Krafton had announced a launch party in which many professional players and influencers had taken part. The winner of this event is Team SNAX. This was the first official event of BGMI. Over the total prize pull of 6 lakhs rupees. Krafton has officially announced the upcoming 1.5 updates on 11 July.

July update Patch:

M249 LMG has been removed from the Airdrops. Apart from the Karakin map, This gun can be found in all the remaining classic maps.

A new weapon has been introduced which is MG3, This will take the place of M249 in Airdrops, it uses 7.62 ammo and carry 75 bullets in one magazine. You can control the firing rate of this gun from 660 rpm to 990 rpm.

You can now throw the healing consumables but throw them carefully because they can bounce.

Season’s Ranking:

The Ranking season has changed now:( A new tier has been added between the ace tire and the conquerer tire), and a challenge point has also been added in the season tier ranking.

Improvement in combat settings:

You can now set the sensitivity of every gun as per your need.

Graphics: For low devices, a new frame rate has been added which is lower than smooth and one 90fps frame rate has also been added for the applicated device.

ADS Gyroscope Sensitivity: You can now set the sensitivity of the tilted camera and also a gyroscope reverse option which revers the up and down effects.

Pick up: You can now decibel the auto pick up once you dropped the scopes. Also, you have advance pick-up by which you can set your favorite attachments for your gun.

Third Person Perspective Camera View: You can set your view of a character(default is 80) up to 90 now.

Ammunition coloring: If you have 25% bullets in the gun it will show yellow color and if you have less than 10% bullets in the gun it will show red color.

Team member Engagement Status: You can now able to see the status of engagement for your teammates.

Glass Windows: Glass windows have been added to certain buildings in Erangel and Miramar.

you can now add a bronze statue after your win.

For a short time, Mission Ignition Mode will be added to the Erangel map, This mode includes 6 high tech regions of Erangel ( Transit center, Gergopol, Tech center, Sosnovka security center, logistics agency, and Energy center).


While landing vie parasuit you will see the names of towns in 3D, and you can also drop on your marked location by tapping the AUTO Jump option.

Hyperlines: These are the lines that will appear to move in the air by using it you can go from one place to other. These lines will appear in certain time intervals and routes are also fixed.

Semi-Truck: These vehicles are autonomous driving vehicles that run on set routes and come with supplies.

G-38 Gravity Free Motorcycle: This vehicle runs both on water and land.

New Gun (ASM Abakan): Uses 5.56 ammo and carry up to 30 bullets in one magazine(without extended magazine)

Petrol Dog: You can find maxed leveled items easily.

Tactical marking Device: This device will help you to locate the direction where your friends are firing, enemies’ position, and the location of roads.

Riot Shield: This is a bulletproof shield, it cannot be removed once placed.

For IOS users there is still awaiting the BGMI.



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