Top 15 Must Try AI Tools for Professionals in 2024

90% of developers don’t know about these websites.

Mr. Ånand
10 min readOct 1, 2023

In this article, we’ll see a few AI-powered tools that are set to revolutionize development and make the lives of professionals easy in 2023. We’ll talk about the top 15 AI and low-code tools designed to empower professionals. AI tools are so much more powerful now that they enable them to create impactful products, manage teams and run their own startups. Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of these AI tools and how they can significantly enhance efficiency and innovation in the development process.

1. PicWish

PicWish is an all-in-one AI photo editor that can efficiently enhance
your pictures within a few clicks. It has a background remover that can
precisely cut-out the subject out of the picture and make the background
transparent. Boosted by its AI technology, users can do this process
automatically. For sure, people in the eCommerce business will love it
as it can create professional product photos with ease. With this, it
can even generate AI backgrounds after the background removal.

2. RecCloud

This tool is designed to revolutionize the way content creators can integrate subtitles into videos, making the process effortlessly efficient and impressively accurate. Generate accurate subtitles with a simple click, saving you time and effort. Harness the power of cutting-edge AI for subtitles, with support for over 99 languages, your content becomes accessible to a global audience like never before. It also has tons of other AI tools and APIs support.

3. Bravo

Bravo Studio is a tool that connects the design and the backend to build a fully functional app. Unlike other app builders, Bravo leverages the design and data handling of third-party tools, adding flexibility to the process. You can use Figma or Adobe XD to design the UI and any backend with a REST API to store the data. By working directly with the app design, Bravo can ensure the app remains 100% true to design, whilst dramatically decreasing development time and providing sophisticated functionality. You can turn Figma designs into interactive prototypes with native features using Bravo Studio and showcase ideas in action, seamlessly publishing when ready

4. Fillout

Fillout AI is a new tool that allows you to create forms, surveys, and quizzes in minutes. You can make a form from a doc, PDF, or text. The form builder is designed for HubSpot and allows you to collect or update data wherever you need it. You can connect your database or store responses in Fillout, drag and drop questions, and share a link or embed forms anywhere.

Fillout AI offers over 40 highly customizable question types and advanced features like accepting payments secured by Stripe, creating single or multi-page forms, and using beautifully crafted templates. It also provides templates for various types of forms such as RSVP forms, newsletter signups, price quote requests, employee emergency contact forms, and online registration forms.

5. Cron

Cron Calendar is the next-generation calendar for professionals and teams. It’s a well-designed calendar app for Mac and Windows that features time zone features, meeting tools, and pleasantly-sounding notifications. Cron is a third-party calendar app that is also available for macOS, iOS, Windows, and the web. It’s an intuitive and well-thought-out app that has features you just don’t see from Google Calendar and other calendar apps. The main Cron window looks like a calendar app with a week view in the centre, a tiny month view in the corner and a list of active calendars on the left.

Cron Calendar is considered better by some users due to its unique features and beautiful design. It automatically syncs with Google Calendar and allows you to add events with one click, saving you the hassle of opening another window.

6. Tome

Tome is an AI-powered storytelling format that allows creators to quickly and easily construct complete stories, presentations, or outlines from scratch. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate compelling presentations. By utilizing the capabilities of ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, it seamlessly combines text and images to create dynamic visual stories. You can type in a prompt and watch Tome generate entire narratives from scratch or create additional content pages within seconds. It comes with intelligent titles, pagination, page layouts, and page text, accompanied by GPT-3 and AI-generated graphics.

7. SuperHuman

Superhuman is an AI-powered email tool designed for high-performing teams and individuals, aiming to provide the fastest email experience ever made. It saves teams over 10 million hours every single year by allowing users to fly through their emails twice as fast as before. With Superhuman AI, you can write faster than ever before. Just jot down some phrases, and it will turn them into a full email.

The AI matches the voice and tone in the emails you’ve already sent, applying that to everything it creates. This results in an increase in productivity and a decrease in writer’s block. Superhuman also uses AI to automatically sort incoming messages based on your behavioral patterns, providing options for scheduling and setting reminders for important emails. It’s like having a professional editor just for you.

8. Tally

Tally is a free online form builder that works like a text document. It’s the simplest way to create forms and is used by over 120,000+ teams at the world’s best companies. With Tally, you can just start typing on the page and insert blocks, similar to how you would in Notion. It provides unlimited forms, submissions, and everything you need to create professional forms and surveys — all free of charge as long as you stay within their fair usage guidelines.

9. Blackbox AI

Blackbox AI is an AI-powered coding assistant that helps developers code faster and better. It provides real-time code completion, documentation, and debugging suggestions. You can write any command starting with a double slash and hit enter to show suggestions. When it shows any suggestions, just hit the tab to accept and Esc to reject. It’s available in 20+ programming languages including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Ruby, and much more. Blackbox AI also has a feature called Code Chat that allows developers to find the best code snippets to use while building products. The AI understands these queries and translates them into executable code. It can also identify potential errors in the user’s code and provide suggestions to correct them.

10. Loopin

Loopin HQ is an AI Meeting Assistant designed specifically for customer-facing teams. It aims to revolutionize the way meetings are conducted by removing the hassle and providing concise meeting summaries, automated recaps, and a conversational assistant. Loopin uses state-of-the-art AI technology to transcribe meeting recordings and generate meeting minutes. You can focus on the conversation and never worry about making notes.

Loopin AI technology connects related meetings together to resurface important meetings and related notes. You can switch context within seconds and prepare for upcoming meetings with ease. If you want to know something, you can just ask Loopin AI. You can share meeting notes with your team via email, Slack, or Notion automatically.

11. Codium

Codium AI is an AI-powered platform that helps development teams automate code reviews and identify potential issues in their code. It also writes test cases for the code that AI understands. Codium AI plugs into your IDE and suggests meaningful test suites as you code. It does this by exploring and analyzing your code, docstrings, and comments, and dynamically interacting with you. With CodiumAI, you get non-trivial tests (and trivial, too!) suggested right inside your IDE, so you can code smart, create more value, and stay confident when you push.

You get full visibility of how your code behaves and how the changes you make affect the rest of your code. You can spend fewer hours writing questionable test cases and more time developing useful features for your users. Unlike code coverage quotas, meaningful tests actually check your code’s functionality. So you get the confidence needed to commit.

12. folk

Folk CRM is an all-in-one CRM tool that helps you manage all your relationships, whether they’re related to sales, recruiting, fundraising, partnerships, or investing. It’s a collaborative workspace for your team’s relationships, and its AI-powered engine helps to personalize every touchpoint, write better, and track and monitor your results.

Folk allows you to sync contacts and interactions from anywhere, collaborate on pipelines with ease, generate emails with AI, personalize them at scale, track and follow up. It also offers analytics & reports to help you make data-backed decisions. Folk is lightweight, customizable, and designed to work for you. It’s trusted by next-gen companies and offers a free plan up to 100 contacts in your personal CRM.

13. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered content creation and customer experience platform that offers a variety of tools for different needs. It’s built on generative AI models and can create new content by learning from massive datasets. Writesonic’s online writer allows you to expand keywords into different styles of text in just a few minutes. It also comes with text editing, SEO optimization, landing page optimization, and other enhancements.

Writesonic provides a wide range of templates suitable for almost any content creation scenario. It also offers a feature called Chatsonic, which is a generative AI conversation partner powered by GPT-4 and designed to tackle ChatGPT’s limits. With Chatsonic’s Google Search integration, you can engage in real-time conversations on current events and trending topics effortlessly. Additionally, Writesonic offers Botsonic, a no-code AI chatbot builder that allows you to train ChatGPT on your own data and build smarter AI chatbots for your website.

14. Flair AI

Flair AI is an AI-powered design tool specifically for product photography. It allows you to create stunning photoshoots in seconds by simply dragging and dropping images, props, and 3D assets. You can adjust the lighting and camera angle to compose the perfect scene. Flair AI also offers a new feature for fashion photoshoots where you can fit your cloth onto AI-generated models, creating high-quality on-model imagery at scale. It provides all the familiar tools you need to iterate on designs fast and build and share designs together with real-time collaboration. Moreover, you can leverage their API to create unique designs for your customers. It’s a highly useful tool when generating logos, product representations, and branded content in general.

15. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is an AI-powered creative writing tool that helps you write your novel or screenplay faster and more efficiently. It provides various “story tools” such as character development, world-building, and plot creation. Sudowrite is designed to help users overcome writer’s block, generate ideas, and enhance their writing. It can be deployed to generate new content, expand on existing content, or rewrite content to meet set criteria. The software can be used by novelists, screenwriters, and others with creative writing needs. Sudowrite is based on GPT-3 and GPT-4, 175+ billion parameter Transformer models, which learn general concepts from their training data. The model generates text by guessing what’s most likely to come next, one word at a time.

16. Vondy

Vondy AI is a next-generation AI platform that provides a variety of AI-powered apps to help enhance your productivity. It offers an extensive library of apps, characters, and prompts to help you create and explore. You can use Vondy to create your own apps, explore image generation tools, meet a collection of chatbots with unique personalities, and even find conversation starters. Vondy also offers a range of productivity apps, writing tools, and essential AI apps to get you started. It’s designed for teams of all sizes and technical backgrounds, allowing you to do more with less by creating, using, and sharing AI-powered tools tailored to your specific work needs.

17. WebWave

WebWave AI Website Builder is an innovative tool that allows you to generate a website with just one click. With a single click on the “Generate” button, the advanced algorithm creates a website tailored to your description. The AI generates the layout, images, colour palette, and fonts that best suit your description. However, you can tweak everything later with the drag-and-drop editor. The WebWave AI writer fills your page with copy that reflects your brand’s character. The SEO optimization feature ensures that your copy not only appeals to visitors but also to algorithms, leading to more traffic and clients. This platform is designed to be user-friendly and flexible, allowing you to create a website without needing any coding skills.

I hope these tools and websites will help you in your professional work.

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